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A provider of interactive computer service shall, at the time of entering an agreement with a customer for the provision of interactive computer service and in a manner deemed appropriate by the provider, notify such customer that parental control protections (such as computer hardware, software, or filtering services) are commercially available that may assist the customer in limiting access EFFECT OF THE USA PATRIOT ACT ON INTERNET PRIVACY Under the federal wiretap statue, wiretap orders were required in order to access voice mail that was stored by a third party provider (i.e. voice mail stored by the telephone service provider). But, a search warrant could be used to gain access to and confiscate and … Ask RiotACT: New internet service provider - MyRepublic Hi all, A new internet service provider is in town- ‘MyRepublic’. They offer internet that is customised to your premises, which, they say, gets you a betters speed. Stored Communications Act - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

Internet Service Provider The ACSI analyzes customer satisfaction with internet service providers (ISPs) in the U.S. consumer market based on interviews with hundreds of customers about recent experiences with their ISP. The customer survey data serve as inputs to ACSI’s proprietary model,

Truth-In-Billing Policy | Federal Communications Commission Among other things, section 64.2401 of the rules require that a telephone company's bill must: (1) providea brief, clear, non-misleading, plain language description of the service or services rendered to accompany each charge; (2) identify the service provider associated with each charge; (3) clearly and conspicuously identify any change in Act! - Looking for an Internet eMail Service Provider I'm looking for an Internet eMail Service Provider that meet's the Internet eMail specifications in ACT. My cable provider doesn't allow me to change the ports, so they are out. I found "" which uses the right ports, but I can't seem to get it to work. I think it may have something to d

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[USC02] 47 USC 151: Purposes of chapter; Federal Extension of Internet Tax Freedom Act. Pub. L. 114–113, div. E, title VI, §633, Dec. 18, a provider of Internet access service or online services is deemed to be the agent of a remote seller for determining tax collection obligations solely as a result of- "(I) the display of a remote seller's information or content on the out-of-State