Using the same techniques as those used for server authentication, SSL-enabled server software can check whether the client's certificate and public ID are valid and whether it has been issued by a certificate authority (CA) listed in the server's list of trusted CAs.

Managing Client Certificates | After generating a Client Certificate as the second factor for your authentication process, we recommend that you back it up. Once you've backed up (exported) your Client Certificate, you can do the following things with it, if needed: Import it into other Certificate Stores so that you can use Client authentication - Citrix Docs Mar 06, 2020 Clients Cannot Authenticate with a Server After You Obtain Apr 19, 2018 Client certificate request and installation from windows CA

Jun 11, 2018

When you configure client certificate-based authentication, consider whether you need to configure the Citrix ADC Certificate Revocation List (CRL) setting, Enable CRL Auto Refresh. This step ensures that the user of a device in MAM-only mode can’t authenticate using an existing certificate on the device. AskF5 | Manual Chapter: Client Certificate Inspection

Client Certificate Based Authentication for HTTPS/IDOC Feb 24, 2020