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(iii) Samsung TVs like you to set up a Samsung account. I’m not sure if they insist; but make sure it is the NowTV logon you are setting up, and not the Samsung thing. If my posting answered your question, please click ‘Accept Answer’ Setting up an account, the Hub, and Things – SmartThings Setting up an account, the Hub, and Things The SmartThings Hub connects all of your smart devices with one another, the SmartThings cloud, and the SmartThings mobile app. The newest generation of SmartThings Hub (2018) is also smarter than ever, by giving you the convenience of connecting your Hub using Wi-Fi or Ethernet. List of All the Apps on Samsung Smart TV (2020) May 07, 2020 How to Set Up Your Samsung TV - Samsung TV Settings Guide

If you just want to benefit from some of the VPN functions on your smart TV, smart DNS is an easy way to do exactly that. There is a way to set up a VPN for all the devices on your network at once - via your router. That way, you’ll get a layer of security and privacy because it …

How do I create a Samsung Account on my Smart TV Apr 28, 2020 Samsung Account

What are the pros and cons of setting up a Samsung account

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