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Dm-crypt on SSDs and hybrid drives. For additional information about security aspects of using dm-crypt on SSDs and hybrid drives, have a look at the cryptsetup FAQ. Cryptsetup can transparently forward discard operations to an SSD. This feature is activated by using the --allow-discards option in combination with cryptsetup open. Enabling Modern Security in Android (part 1) | by Dinorah Tovar May 23, 2020 arch linux - SSD Encryption / dm-crypt - Unix & Linux Alternatively you can dm-crypt the disk, that's not an issue at all. Software encryption layers are efficient nowadays. You gain flexibility by opting for dm-crypt, not necessarily security. And you're not losing anything either. Having hardware and dm-crypt gives you no advantage. I am not aware of the current research re: TRIM vs dm-crypt.

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I bet this will end up improving performance a lot, versus the current block based encryption layer (dm-crypt). Maybe with any hope google will make encryption in Android actually useful, and it will encrypt more than the /data partition (which means currently, even in Android … Learn How to Encrypt Android and Make it Secure | Cyberogism Jun 23, 2016