To assist Volcker the Swiss Government lifted, for five years, Swiss Bank Secrecy Laws. During the latter half of 1997 the Swiss began to publish names of Holocaust-Era dormant accounts. Eventually, in August of 1998, the Swiss Banks agreed to a $1.25 billion out of court settlement.

Within a month of her discovery D'Amato's Senate Banking Committee held hearings on Nazi looted assets and the Swiss bank accounts and shortly thereafter began a major, worldwide research effort into Holocaust-Era assets. This research effort, along with diplomatic, political, legal, moral, and economic pressures, have prompted countries Why did the Nazis use Swiss banks instead of storing the The Nazis did NOT use Swiss banks! Ever! They imposed a DEATH PENALTY on anyone bringing money to Switzerland. If a Nazi official had done so, he would have been denounced as defeatist and executed on the spot. The Nazi CONTROLLED Germany and a la Blood money: two exposés of Swiss collaboration with the The Swiss government stonewalled specific requests regarding bank accounts and blocked all attempts to the use the huge amount of "heirless assets" for refugee aid. The movement of Nazi gold

In a statement to the AFP news agency, Credit Suisse says it co-operated with the Volcker inquiry in 1997-1999 to track down Swiss bank accounts that belonged to victims of Nazi persecution.

Swiss banks did a lucrative business with the German Reichsbank and with individual Nazi officials. Symbolically, even the royalties from Hitler's Mein Kampf were deposited in a Swiss bank account.

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Probably none. At the end of the Second World War, the Western Allies gave Switzerland an ultimatum to hand over to them all valuables held in Swiss banks that had been deposited by the German Government or individuals who were members of or assoc How to Open a Swiss Bank Account (with Pictures) - wikiHow Feb 06, 2020