Jan 05, 2020 · Norton ConnectSafe is a cloud-based Web filtering service that helps protect you from accessing malicious sites and sites with unwanted or offensive content, based on filtering policies you select. When using Norton ConnectSafe, you get these IP addresses quickly, plus Norton ConnectSafe performs a quick check on each site to make sure that the

A month ago Symantec announced it was about to retire Norton ConnectSafe on November 15th, 2018, a web filtering solution which was a very simplistic version of SafeDNS. The reason for the ConnectSafe end-of-life announcement is given as a "shift in Symantec's business focus". Norton ConnectSafe Blocks the game Wartune through facebook. even tried last digits .10 and still it was blocked.. I talked to Norton in Chat. And they said that that it might have bad adds…. I then try OpenDNS and that works wonderfully. It’s also nice to know that it is back by Cisco. Norton ConnectSafe (sometimes referred to as Norton DNS, ConnectSafe) was added by gerua in Apr 2011 and the latest update was made in Nov 2018. The list of alternatives was updated Mar 2020. It's possible to update the information on Norton ConnectSafe or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam. Oct 05, 2018 · IPv4 DNS Server List – Family: DNS Server: DNS 1: DNS 2: 1: US – OpenDNS Family: 2: US – Norton ConnectSafe Family:

Having to go to a 'bad' site to 'test' if Norton Connectsafe is working - unbelievable! Windows 10 x64 2004 | Mint Cinnamon 19.3 | Solus Plasma 4.1 | Kubuntu 20.04

Jun 25, 2016 · 6 To remove Norton ConnectSafe server address settings, click Obtain DNS server address automatically or use the default DNS settings that are provided by your Internet service provider. If the option Obtain DNS server address automatically is already selected, then Norton ConnectSafe is not in use anymore and no changes are needed. Having to go to a 'bad' site to 'test' if Norton Connectsafe is working - unbelievable! Windows 10 x64 2004 | Mint Cinnamon 19.3 | Solus Plasma 4.1 | Kubuntu 20.04 Only in Firefox does "Norton ConnectSafe" take over my searches. I type something into the address line and then it comes up saying it can't find anything and forces me to type the exact same thing into their line. They then use Google to find the answer. I want to get rid of this unwanted step.

Mar 01, 2016 · You now have to check this box before getting started: "I certify I am using Norton ConnectSafe for personal/home use and agree to the No | 4 replies | DNS

Dec 18, 2017 · I can not compare Google’s against Quad9’s or Norton ConnectSafe, as they do things very differently. Yes, they are both DNS resolvers, but Google’s goal is to provide an On November 15, 2018, the Norton ConnectSafe service will be retired, discontinued; meaning the service will no longer be available or supported. If you use Norton ConnectSafe as your DNS resolver expect disruption in your service. Access to the web will no longer work after November 15th, 2018. CleanBrowsing offers … Norton has introduced Norton ConnectSafe public DNS servers for free public use. Norton ConnectSafe DNS servers can block malicious sites, phishing sites, scam sites, in addition to pornographic and non-family friendly websites. Anybody can use the Norton ConnectSafe public DNS servers for free if they properly configure their internet settings.