Ensure that you are signed in as an administrator before proceeding, otherwise you won't be able to change your DNS settings. To change the DNS Server in Windows 10, do the following. Open Settings. Go to Network & Internet. If you are connected to the Internet with a …

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Lenovo laptop having problems with automatic dns server

Sep 22, 2019 · In fact, you can change the DNS of your device in a matter of seconds. As long as you know how to navigate through the interface of your device and the DNS server that you want to set. Domain Name System (DNS) Domain Name System (DNS) is known as the phonebook of the Internet. IP addresses are registered and recognized using the name of the host. ChrisPC DNS Switch is a freeware software for non-commercial use. To find out the differences between the two versions, check the feature comparison page. Features. ChrisPC DNS Switch has many key features like: Change your computer DNS with just 1 click. Set your favorite DNS or select one from the software's DNS Database.

How to Change DNS Server in Windows 10

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