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The ’Portable Application’ option stores mIRC settings in the program directory so it can easily be copied to another computer, although you may have to install mIRC to a different location (for example D: drive, or a USB stick) to avoid having to run the client as Administrator. If you need help with mIRC, such as configuring options or using certain features, you can post your questions here. 15/07/20 08:34 AM. Khaled. Mirc Help for v6.1. In the following documentation you will find out easy steps to gain knowledge in setting up a program called Mirc. This document will cover setting up this platform for a web site called Jmeeting. Please read through the descriptive pictures and the documentation underneath of these pictures carefully as it will make the The mIRC client allows the user to select as many or as little ports as they choose. It is recommended that no less then 10 ports be opened for DCC Chat, and no less the 25 ports for DCC Sends. Access mIRC Advanced port settings by selecting mIRC options. Browser Settings Required Fields: Tap the cog in the lower right hand corner to get to the menu and either add or edit network depending on stage. Once in the network screen, tap ‘ Network ‘ and scroll down to Cuff-Link which should automatically populate the hostname, port, and SSL as shown.

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