Jun 15, 2008

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I bought a modded ps3 off ebay and the update is on 4.81. I only really wanna use the ps3 as an emulation device for ps2 and other devices . For this I need the package manager file which I do not have. So I think the only way to get it is through installing han/hen.

PS3.Proxy.Server GUI Extended Release Date: April 8, 2008. Description This is a frontend for the PS3.Proxy.Server GUI created by CF3B5, which is a program that allows to download the content from Playstation Network Store to the PC and install them later on the Playstation 3. Download: PS3.Proxy.Server GUI Extended 1.3 (23KB) How to Setup a Proxy Server for a PS3 | Our Pastimes Just like a computer, the PlayStation 3 is also susceptible to such attacks. One way to add more security to your PS3 and keep your private information safe is by using a proxy server. A proxy server act as a gateway between your PS3 and the Internet, preventing hackers from …

PS3-Proxy-Server-for-Android. PS3 Proxy server with various options, like firmware "spoof" and system update blocker - for Android. How to use. After installing the app, just choose a port (or use the default one - 8080), the IP is automatic (though, if needed, I can try to enable the IP choice and publish a version with that enabled), and then just go on the PS3, network settings, and

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