Sky Go and Now TV customers can now stream to six devices

How can I watch Sky Go on PS4 and Xbox One? - Broadband Shawn Kowalski, via email. You know what Shawn - that's actually not a bad idea. The Sky app (not called Sky Go for some reason) is available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. To help others who might be reading this - and to avoid igniting a tedious 'my console's better than your console' discussion - … Sky go on PC thru PS3 to TV??? | AVForums Mar 20, 2012

Jun 18, 2020

To date, i've only been able to get FHD 1080p when using Samsung Dex. I've tested across Dell P2715q 4K monitor, LG 4K 65" OLED with S20 Ultra/S10+/S20 Ultra and the FHD resolution limitation and poor scaling on these large screens have made me hold out on switching to Dex. Dec 03, 2014 · This is nothing new in terms of needing skygo extra, its been that way for ages on xbox. Point is Multiscreen costs £11.25 per box. Sky Go Extra means you can have 4 devices use you sky.

How to Chromecast Sky Go to TV [2020] - Chromecast Apps Tips

@Lisa-P1987 . I'm trying to watch sky on my ps3 and keeps saying i need to upgrade to skygo extra. Ive tried calling to upgrade but i just keep getting the automated message from a scottish woman saying that packages cant be upgraded and i need to go online, yet i cant find ANYWHERE on how to upgrade or add skygo extra so i can watch it on my ps3. Sky go for PS3 — Digital Spy