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Supreme Court to hear case on religious art taken by Nazis The Supreme Court announced Thursday that it will hear a case brought against Germany by the descendants of Jewish art dealers who claim in 1935 their family members were forced to sell a Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Nazi Art Case | Political Jul 02, 2020

Chief Justice John Roberts. Chief Justice John Roberts has been a member of the Supreme Court …

Jul 02, 2020 US Supreme Court to hear case of Nazi-stolen art - JNS.org

(July 7, 2020 / JNS) The U.S. Supreme Court agreed on June 2 to hear the case about a German art museum and whether or not a treasure trove, known as the “Guelph Treasure,” should be returned to the heirs of four Jewish art dealers in Germany.. The dealers have argued that they were forced to sell it to the Nazi-controlled Prussian government in 1935 in what they called a “genocidal

Supreme Court Building. A fitting home for the nation's third branch of government. Originally meeting inside the U.S. Capitol, the Supreme Court moved to its own building just across the street in 1801. The Court rejected the appellate court's "clear and convincing evidence" standard that successful patent litigants would have to establish in order to receive fees. Instead, the Court held that a simple discretionary inquiry would serve to determine whether granting attorney fees is appropriate. 35 U.S.C. 285 Teva Pharma USA (Supreme Court 2019) The Supreme Court has affirmed the Federal Circuit’s interpretation of the “on sale bar” — holding that “Congress did not alter the meaning of ‘on sale’ when it enacted the AIA.” The particular focus here was whether “secret” sales continue to qualify as prior art under the revised Welcome to ART! The New Hampshire Minimum Continuing Legal Education Attorney Reporting Tool. The 'Attorney Reporting Tool' or 'ART' was designed for New Hampshire lawyers to use to comply with NH Supreme Court Rule 53 - NHMCLE. Members need to access ART to read their online NHMCLE record and attest to the new online Affidavit of Compliance in