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How to update the VIPRE Business Console and Agents : Support Jan 17, 2020 Customer Support & Help Center | VIPRE Antivirus VIPRE Rescue is a handy, easy to use tool designed to clean your computer if you are already infected with a virus and your operating system is not working properly as a result of the infection. If you are already running VIPRE and a virus has disabled it, you can still run this program to clean your computer..

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Jul 14, 2017 · The VIPRE update will begin to download and install. Please note that the installation may take a few moments to complete. During the installation process you may receive a notice from Windows informing you that VIPRE and/or security is turned off. This is a normal process during the update and the Windows notification can be ignored at this time. Dec 18, 2017 · How to Manually Update VIPRE Business Definitions Should the need arise, an Agent's definition files can be manually updated. Depending on the version of VIPRE Business that you have installed, the steps to manually update your definitions may differ. VIPRE Business Agent 7.5 (and below) Manual Definition Update Process: Agent software updates are different from definition updates. Definitions are used by the VIPRE agent to identify and remediate malware and therefore, are automatically updated multiple times per day. Unlike definition updates, software updates can be gated by VIPRE Cloud prior to pushing out to your endpoint devices. Please enter your VIPRE product key: Product Key Note: If you are a business customer, please contact a VIPRE partner or our VIPRE Renewals team at to renew your VIPRE business license.

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