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linux - Can jumbo frames - MTU=9000 be set on VM machines I would again stress out the importance of interfaces of MTU 9000 and MTU 1500 not cohabiting in the same VLAN, and furthermore of not creating Jumbo frame VLANs connected to the Internet. When dealing with VmWare, official VmWare documentation states you need VMXNET3 interfaces [and consequently open-vm-tools ] for dealing with MTU=9000 Jumbo Michigan Technological University Ubuntu 19.10 Ubuntu CD Image 2463842304 Linux-x64 ee829212bbd90d6c0237701b10ad90fd ubuntu - Testing whether jumbo frames are actually working Enabling Jumbo Frames means allowing a larger Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU), usually by setting the MTU to 9000. To verify this has worked you can use ping in windows with the -l flag to set the packet size, and the -f flag to set Don't Fragment flag in the packet. ping -f -l 8972 If the packet gets fragmented you will see Install ubuntu 7 server |

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Ubuntu: ajustar MTU (Unidad máxima de transferencia) Alberto 9:00 1 comment. Tweet "La unidad máxima de transferencia (Maximum Transfer Unit - MTU) es un término de redes de computadoras que expresa el tamaño en bytes de la unidad de datos más grande que puede enviarse usando un protocolo de comunicaciones."